Safal Overseas is principally involved in Agro Products, Sanitary Ware and Tiles, Electricals & house hold wire etc. trading and has focused on exports, competing in the global market.

We expect Safal Overseas to become a leading company in India providing high quality products and world class service at affordable prices. So we concentrated our efforts to offer our customers the best value for their money.

  • Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Strengthen the traditional export markets and develop new markets.
  • Promote and encourage trade in services.
  • The cultivation of new exporters in regional areas.
  • Product development and improve the value added.
  • Promote and develop International Trade Mart.
  • Internationalization of indian companies by encouraging outward business investment and brands creation.
  • A commitment to technology and modernization
  • Adoption of stringent quality control measures to ensure quality workmanship on every Product’s and
  •  A constant focus on customer satisfaction.


We believe in products based on value. In order to maintain the high quality products, we will do our best to ensure the best products reach the market. The fact that we have our own testing facilities where each element is put through rigorous testing before coming to the buyers. We believe that the exporters of superior quality products. We do not use child labor to work, and also to promote more environmentally friendly systems in our unit.